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Are you sure… 的場景對話

Lisa 和 Mark 正在討論即將提交的銷售報告。

Lisa: I’ve included all the data from the last quarter. I think it looks comprehensive.

Mark: Are you sure you included the updates from the Tokyo office? They sent those figures late last night.

Lisa: Let me double-check that. You might be right, I may have missed that email.

Lisa: 我已經包括了上一季度的所有數據。我認為這看起來很全面。
Mark: 你確定你包括了來自東京辦公室的更新嗎?他們昨晚很晚才發送那些數字。
Lisa: 讓我再檢查一下。你可能是對的,我可能錯過了那封郵件。!

Are you sure… 的句型解釋和用法

不同於結構 I’m not sure if + (主詞) + (動詞),這個結構作為一個問句使用,用來詢問某人是否確信某事將要發生。


Are you sure you locked the door? 你確定你鎖了門嗎?
Are you sure this is the right way? 你確定這是正確的路嗎?
Are you sure that’s what he said? 你確定那是他所說的嗎?。

Are you sure… 的用法 – 練習題

試著用  Are you sure 完成以下句子:


____________ .


____________ .


Are you sure you don’t want to go to college? 你確定你不想去大學嗎?

Are you sure you want to travel alone? 你確定你想一個人去旅行嗎?



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