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both,either 和 neither 可以表達兩件事或兩個人。

  • both 表示: A 和 B (兩件事或兩個人)
  • either 表示: A 或 B (其中一件事或人)
  • neither 表示: 非 A 也非 B (兩件事或人皆不是)

both / either / neither + 名詞的用法

both / either / neither + 名詞:

I enjoy both exercises. 這兩項運動我都喜歡。
You can walk on either side of the street.  你可以走在街道的其中一側。
Neither group arrives. 這兩組都還沒到達。

要注意 both 後面要加上複數名詞,either 和 neither 後面要加上單數名詞。

both (of) / either of / neither of的用法

可以用both (of) / either of / neither of + the/these/my/his 等加上名詞

Both (of) your brothers are really tall. 你的兩個哥哥都非常高。 
Either of the two decisions is good for you. 這兩個決定中的任何一個對你都有好處。
Neither of the two teams wins the championship. 這兩支球隊都沒有贏得冠軍。

在此句子結構中,both後面可加可不加 of。

Both of your brothers are really tall. = Both your brothers are really tall.

可以用both of / either of / neither of 後面加上代詞 us/you/them

Both of them did very bad in the game. 他們兩個在比賽中都表現得非常差。(不能用 both them)
Can either of them lend me an umbrella? 你們兩位中的其中一位可以借我一把傘嗎?
Neither of them passes the exam. 他們兩個都沒有通過考試。

both / either / neither的用法 (沒有名詞)

Both/either/neither 後面可以不加名詞,單獨使用。

A: Do you like a pizza or hamburger? B: I like both. A: 你喜歡披薩還是漢堡?  B: 我都喜歡。 
A: Do you want cola or juice. B: Either, It’s ok. A: 你想要可樂還是果汁?  B: 都可以,沒關係。
A: which color do you prefer? B: Neither, I think both of them are ugly. A: 你喜歡哪個顏色?  B: 都不喜歡,兩個顏色都不好看。  

both … and …/ either … or … / neither … nor …的用法

both … and …/ either … or … / neither … nor …可以用來表達正提及到的兩個人或兩件事。

She drank both tea and coffee. 她喝了水和咖啡。
You need to order a main meal, either pizza or hamburger. 你需要點一份主食,披薩或漢堡其中一樣。 
I like neither black nor white. 黑色和白色我都不喜歡。 


either 和 neither 要加單數動詞。

Either tutor is excellent. 任何一位導師都很出色。
Neither of the tutors is excellent. 兩個導師都不出色。

not…either 等於 neither。

He does not like either of the tutors. = He likes neither of the tutors. 他不喜歡任何一個導師。

Neither 用來表示否定,所以要搭配表示肯定的動詞。

Neither Tom nor Mike can go to the concert. 湯姆和邁克都不能去聽音樂會。(不能用 can’t go)

both 要搭配肯定的動詞,而 either 要搭配否定的動詞。

I don’t speak either of the languages. 我不會說其中任何一種語言。(不能說 I don’t speak both/neither of the languages. )

both, either, neither – 練習題

1. We will be traveling to Europe next month. You can choose England or Germany.

2. You should order the food or look for a vacant table.

3. of you cares about this house, so I had to do all things.

4. A. Are you an office worker or a business owner? B. No, . I'm a retired teacher.

5. will be graduating this year.

6. Without a degree, I can work in office nor in government.

7. He gave me two options where to study but I didn't like of them.

8. Jack and I were given a medal of recognition.

9. The match for the basketball game is over. teams played well.

10. The boxing game was really boring. boxer performed well.





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