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我們可以使用 “by + 動詞-ing” 和 “with + 名詞” 來解釋我們如何進行某事。

by + 動詞-ing

通常我們會在 “by” 後使用動詞+ing。 “by” 用於搭配一個動作。

He opened the box by hitting it. 他通過敲打來打開盒子。
I’m going to pass the exam by studying hard. 我打算通過努力學習來通過考試。
They got into the room by climbing in the window. 他們通過爬窗戶進入了房間。

with + 名詞

當我們談論做某事是通過某個工具或東西時,通常使用“with + 名詞”。

He opened the box with a hammer. 他用錘子打開了盒子。
She cut the bread with a knife. 她用刀切麵包。
He grabbed the rope with his hand. 他用手抓住繩子。

by 或 with – 練習題

1. She woke up the children calling to them.

2. We opened the locker a key.

3. He learned the vocabulary repeating it.




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