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who, which, where 

Who 指定人。

She met the doctor who saved her life. 她遇到了救了她的医生。她遇到了救了她的醫生

Which 指定事物和動物。

The pen which I bought yesterday is already missing. 我昨天買的鋼筆已經不見了。

Where 指定地點。

 That is the seaside resort where she spent her birthday last year. 那是她去年過生日的海濱度假勝地。


我們可以使用 that 來代替whowhich 。但我們經常用 who 指人,用 which / that 指定事物。

She is the actor who/that got into an accident last week. 她就是上周發生事故的那個演員。
That is the car which/that my father bought last month. 那就是我父親上個月買的汽車。


在這種類型的限定性關係子句中,我們不能使用 * what 或 * that he/she etc 來取代 that/who 。

That’s the teacher that/who I told you about. 那就是我告訴你的那位老師。(不能說 the teacher what I told you about)
That’s the woman that/who tried to help me. 就是那個試圖幫助我的女人。 (不能說 the woman that she tried to help me )


1. I have a teacher always goes to school early.

2. The Internet is a place   you can get cheap technology products.

3. E-mails advertise things are called "spam".

4. A "technophobe" is someone   is scared of technology.

5. They should only get the fish can be eaten.

6. That's the shop   I bought those shoes.

7. I can't find the book I borrowed from school.

8. Do you remember the park   we met?

9. There were a lot of students at the mall recognized me.

10. I want to see the film everybody's talking about.




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