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英文中的反身代名詞有: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves.



She is going to drive this car herself to go to work. 她打算自己開車去上班。
We really enjoyed ourselves at the party. 我們自己在聚會上玩得很開心。
Thinking only of oneself is not good. 只想著自己是不好的。



She is really proud of herself. 她真的為自己感到驕傲。
With this scanner,  you can print a big version of yourself. 使用此掃描儀,您可以打印自己的大尺寸版本。



I learned to play the guitar myself. 我自己學會了彈吉他。
You should face the problem yourself, instead of relying on someone. 你應該自己面對這個問題,而不是依賴別人。
Emma herself pick the best cake in the shop. 艾瑪自己挑了店裡最好的蛋糕。


學英文的學生常會因為自身母語裡面的意義,而在英語加入使用反身代名詞,但在英文中有一些動詞並沒有反身代名詞,這是學生常犯的錯誤。其中一些動詞如 concentration、dressshavewashrelaxhurry open

When we wake up, we wash, shave, and dress. 當我們醒來時,我們洗衣服,刮鬍子,穿衣服。
When my father got home from work, he only want to relax in his bed. 當我父親下班回家時,他只想在他的床上放鬆一下。
You need to hurry, or else you’ll be unable to go home. 你需要快點,否則你就不能回家了。
The gate opened, and the students ran to get in. 大門開了,學生們跑進去。


我們可以用 by myselfby yourself 等來表示“獨自一人,沒有任何人”,或者也可以表示“沒有受到任何人的幫助”。

The new worker doesn’t like to dance by himself and wants someone to dance with him. 這位新工人不喜歡獨自跳舞,希望有人和他一起跳舞。
Tina learned to swim by herself. Tina自己學會了游泳。

我們也可以說 on my ownon your own,等等。

I was on my own, all afternoon. 整個下午我都是一個人。
He did it on his own. 他自己做的。


我們用 each other one another 來陳述 A 對 B 做某事,以及B 對 A 做某事時。

When the twins found each other, they had been living apart for more than 10 years. 當這對雙胞胎找到彼此時,他們已經分開生活了10多年。
You should try to understand one another. 你們應該試著互相理解。

反身代名詞 – 練習題

1. Don't worry about the plants. I'll water them .

2. She'll be flying to Singapore tomorrow to see her brother. It's been a long time since they saw .

3. When I get home I like to relax . I lie on the sofa and listen to music.

4. David told to leave his house.

5. Did you enjoy during the holiday?

6. My best friend and I rarely see on campus nowadays.

7. We must improve so that we can win.

8. She often talks to when she is stressed.

9. I'll introduce to my parents. I believe they will like you.

10. During holidays, my husband and I give gifts in exchange.




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