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would rather/would sooner 寧願…

would rather/sooner + 不定詞 … (than)

我們使用 would rather/sooner + 不定詞(動詞原形, 沒有to )來說明個人偏好。我們可以在肯定句中加上 than +名詞/不定詞),或在疑問句中加上 or,一起使用。

I’d rather/sooner have juice, please. 我寧願喝果汁,拜託。
I’d rather/sooner have juice than drink that beer. 我寧願喝果汁也不願喝那種啤酒。
Would you rather/sooner have juice or beer? 你寧願喝果汁還是啤酒?

would rather/sooner + 主詞+ 過去簡單式

我們可以使用would/sooner + 主詞 +過去簡單式 來指現在或未來希望達成的狀態。

They’d rather/sooner he was/were with them right now. 他們寧願他現在和他們在一起。
He’d rather/sooner I picked him up after work. 他寧願我下班後早點接他。
Would you rather/sooner we went by plane or by bus? 你寧願我們乘飛機還是乘汽車去?

注意:我們在 would rather + 主詞( I / he /she) 之後可以用 were 代替 was

Prefer 偏好/更喜歡

(would) prefer + to + 不定詞…… (rather than/instead of)

我們使用 prefer/would prefer +名詞或 to +不定詞,來說明特定的偏好,意即我們在特定場合更喜歡什麼。

would prefer to stay in a hotel near the airport. (或 I would rather stay…) 我寧願住在機場附近的酒店。
Most clients prefer to have breakfast in their bedroom. 大多數客戶喜歡在他們的臥室裡吃早餐。

我們可以使用 prefer/would prefer rather than/instead of 來顯示我們擁有的選擇。

I would prefer to be alone rather than be with others. 我寧願獨自一人,也不願和別人在一起。
I prefer to go with my friends instead of staying here with my cousin.我更喜歡和我的朋友一起去而不是和我的表弟住在這裡。

注意:我們使用 rather than + 不定詞,沒有 to

prefer + 動詞進行式

我們使用 prefer + 名詞或動詞進行式-ing來說明一般偏好,意即普遍情況下,我們通常更喜歡什麼。

I love dancing, but she prefers singing. 我喜歡跳舞,但她更喜歡唱歌。

我們可以使用 prefer 搭配 to 表示我們現有的選擇。這裡 to 是介系詞,所以如果我們在 to 之後使用動詞,它應該採用動詞進行式-ing的形式。

She prefers reading to writing.比起寫作,她更喜歡閱讀。

would rather, would prefer – 練習題

1. I prefer strong coffee mild coffee.

2. I don't want to meet them. I'd rather home with my family.

3. I like diving, but I prefer on the beach.

4. I'd rather go to New York in September in January.

5. I'd rather attend the party with my friends in my room.

6. I prefer travelling by plane by bus.

7. My favorite is juice, but today I'd prefer a beer, please.

8. I'd prefer to listen to music a TV show.

9. I'd rather you here with me and the kids.

10. My parents to stay at home.





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