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英文中的祝福語,到底用 wish 還是 hope 呢?我們來解釋下。

wish 後面通常直接跟著一個名詞或名詞短語,或者用在一些固定的語法結構中。

而 hope 一般後面加一個短句或用來表達希望什麼事情能夠實現。我們通過幾個例句比較一下。

I wish you success in 2024.
I hope that you are successful in 2024.

I wish you good health.
I hope that you will be healthy all year.

hope 和 wish – 練習題

1. I you a speedy recovery after your surgery.

2. We that the weather stays nice for our picnic tomorrow.

3. She to visit her family in Canada next year.

4. I you all the best on your upcoming exam.

5. They that the new policy will bring positive changes.

6. I you a very happy birthday and many more to come.

7. He to finish the project before the deadline.

8. May you for peace and happiness in the coming year.

9. She that you'll join us for dinner tonight.




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