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如果想用英文問問題,順序為 QWASM: Question word 疑問詞, Auxiliary verb 助動詞, Subject 主詞, Main verb 主要動詞。在yes-no 問句中(答案為 yes 或 no 的問題),則沒有疑問詞。

Question word 疑問詞Auxiliary助動詞Subject 主詞Main verb 主要動詞
 Doyoulike pizza?
What timedoesheget up?
How muchdidyoupay for it?
What carhaveyouGot?

be 動詞為主要動詞的疑問句

 當 be 動詞為主要動詞時,在疑問句中會被當作助動詞,並且在主詞後面不用加入主要動詞。

疑問詞be 動詞主詞形容詞,名詞等
 IsSharonFrom the US?
How oldareYou? 


在放助動詞的位置可以用 be, do, have 或任何情境動詞 can, could, will, would, should 等。

在 have got 和現在完成式中的 have 只是助動詞。

Have you got any brothers or sisters? 你有兄弟姐妹嗎?
What have you cooked for lunch? 你中午做了什麼?

Have 的其他用法則需要助動詞 (do, did)。

What time did you have dinner yesterday? (不能說 had you dinner) 你昨天幾點吃晚飯?
Do you have to do it now? (不能說 Have you to do it) 您現在必須做這個嗎?

Have got 只有現在式,沒有過去式。

Did you have many toys when you were a child? (不能說 Had you got many toys when you were a child?) 你小時候有很多玩具嗎?


whoA: Who is that man? B: That’s Peter.
whereA: Where do you live? B: In London.
whenA: When did he arrive? B: In the afternoon.
whyA: Why did you leave? B: Because I was tired.
howA: How did you go? B: By car.
whatA: What are you doing? B: Nothing.
whichA: Which car is better? B: The red one.
whoseA: Whose book is this? B: It’s mine.
what timeA: What time did he call? B: At 7 pm.
what kindA: What kind of car is it? B: A hybrid.
how manyA: How many tables are there? B: Four.
how muchA: How much tea is there? B: A lot.
how longA: How long did you stay? B: one week.
how oftenA: How often do you go? B: Every day.
how  farA: How far is the town? B: two miles away.
how oldA: How old is your sister? B: She is 30.

how much

我們可以用 how much 來詢問某物的價格。

How much is the book? 書多少錢?

how + 形容詞

我們可以用 how + 形容詞 來作為疑問詞.

How tall are you? 你有多高?
How fast is your car? 你的車有多快?

which vs what

我們可以用 which +名詞,也可以用 what +名詞。 當有少量可能性的答案時,我們使用 which。 看看區別:

Which car do you like, the red or the blue? 你喜歡哪輛車,紅色的還是藍色的? (少量的可能性答案)
What car have you got?’ ‘A Mercedes.’  “你有什麼車?” “一輛奔馳。” (很多的可能性答案)

英文中如何提問 – 練習題

1. How often to parties?

2. How many friends in school ?

3. What time buy my new phone?

4. Where yesterday?

5. Anna going to school this morning?

6. Why your dirty clothes in the cabinet?

7. What with the knife this late evening?

8. When a poster?

9. What time the doctor tomorrow?

10. Who to her birthday party?




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