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什麼時候用 might 和 might not?

might (not) = 或許這是(不是)真的

might, might not 表達我們覺得某件事為真或不是為真,但是並不確定時。

She seems to be very angry. She might not talk to you today. 她似乎很生氣。 她今天可能不會和你說話。
‘Peter isn’t answering my call.’ ‘He might be in the kitchen.’ “彼得沒有接我的電話。” “他可能在廚房裡。”

 I might (not) = 我有可能會(不會)

當我們說 someone might do something 代表某人有可能會做某件事。

I might go for a walk after breakfast.早餐後我可能會去散步。 (表示我出去散步是有可能的。)
She might come and attend the wedding. 他她可能會來參加婚禮。

當我們說 someone might not do something 代表某人有可能不會做某件事。

I might not join the group presentation.   我可能不會加入小組演示。 (表示我不參加小組演示是有可能的。)
She might not go to school tomorrow morning. 她明天早上可能不去上學了。

may, may not 的用法

may = might

 可以用 may 和 may not 來代替 might 和 might not。

She may lose the game this coming season.她可能會在下個賽季輸掉比賽。
He may not like your plan. 他可能不喜歡你的計劃。

May I … ? 的用法

我們通常不會用 might 或 may 在疑問句中。但是當我們在獲得允許時可以在疑問句中使用 may I。

May I take a rest? 我可以休息一下嗎? (=Can I take a rest?)
May I have your name? 請問你叫什麼名字?

might/might not – 練習題

用 might/might not 重寫句子。如:Maybe I will come here. ⇒ I might come here.

1. Perhaps they won't say anything. ⇒ They anything.

2. Perhaps I will never see Peter again. ⇒ I Peter again.

3. It's possible that I will go to France next week. ⇒ I   to France next week.

4. Perhaps he isn't at the school. ⇒ He  at the school.

5. Maybe they won't like this plan. ⇒ They this plan.

6. It's possible that Tom will lend me the money. ⇒ Tom   the money.

7. It's possible that I will come this Sunday. ⇒ I   this Sunday.

8. Perhaps she doesn't know the truth ⇒ She the truth.

9. Maybe we will have to cancel the wedding. ⇒ We the wedding.

10. Perhaps they will call you for an interview. ⇒ They   you for an interview.




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