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not only…,but also…… 的場景對話

Emily 和 Jane 正在討論他們共同認識的新朋友 Mark。

Emily: Have you met Mark? He’s quite an interesting person.

Jane: Yes, I have. He’s not only intelligent but also rich. I heard he started his own tech company.

Emily: That’s impressive!

Emily: 你見過Mark嗎?他是一個很有趣的人。
Jane: 是的,我見過。他不僅聰明,而且很有錢。我聽說他創辦了自己的科技公司。
Emily: 真令人印象深刻!。

not only…,but also…… 的句型解釋和用法

結構 not only A but also B 用來強調 B 的重要性。使用這個結構時,平行結構是必須的,即在 not only 和 but also 之後的部分必須對稱。換句話說,如果在 not only 之後使用名詞,那麼在 but also 之後也需要使用名詞。對形容詞、動詞或子句也是如此。


She’s not only talented but also hardworking. (形容詞) 她不僅有才華,而且還很努力。
She was hired by a company that not only pays well but also offers great benefits. (動詞)她被一家公司聘用,該公司不僅薪資豐厚,而且還提供豐厚的福利。
He’s thrilled as not only he got a promotion, but also he received a significant bonus.(子句) 他很高興,因為他不僅獲得了晉升,而且還獲得了豐厚的獎金。


Not only she’s talented, but hardworking as well. (形容詞)
The company she works for not only pays well, but they also offer great benefits. (動詞)
He’s thrilled as not only he got a promotion, but he also received a significant bonus. (子句)

在寫作中,常見的做法是將動詞 to be 放在主語之前:

Not only is he intelligent, but he is also rich. (形容詞)
The family he was born into not only is intelligent, but also has a lot of money. (動詞)

not only…,but also…的用法 – 練習題

在寫作中,試著用  not only…,but also… 完成以下句子:


____________ .


Not only is she good at singing, but she is also good at dancing. 她不僅擅長唱歌,還擅長跳舞。



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