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since vs for

For 和 since 可以用於現在完成式、過去完成式、過去完成進行式。

For + 一段時間

例: for + 3 weeks,for + 5 years,for + a few days,for + 12 hours

He’s been here for ten minutes. 他已經抵達十分鐘了。
She’s been watching TV for two hours. 她已經看了兩小時的電視。

當某個行為或事件的開始和結束都是在過去,for 也可以用於過去式


He has lived in Beijing for 10 months. (他現在還在北京生活,這個行為還未結束。)
He lived in Beijing for 10 months. (他現在已經不在北京住了,行為的開始和結束都發生在過去。)

Since + 某個時間點(發生的那一刻)

例: since + 我出生時,since + 十點鐘,since + 上禮拜三

I’ve arrived since 17: 30. 我 17:30分抵達
He’s been playing video games since he finished his homework. 他從功課寫完之後便一直在打電動。
They had been divorced since 2009. 他們從2009年開始便已經離婚。

since vs from

since, from + 開始的時間,表示一個行為、狀態或是事件的開始。

當在表達一個行為、事件、和狀態發生的期間時,通常會使用 since 加上現在完成式或過去完成式,因為 since 表示出這些行為、事件、和狀態開始的時間點。

I have known her since I was 10. 我從十歲便認識他。
He’s been working in the company since he graduated. 他畢業之後便一直在這間公司工作。
I was tired; I had been busy since early morning. 我從清晨開始忙碌,非常累。


The product will be on sale from next Wednesday. 這個商品從下禮拜三開始特價。
I’m usually at work from 9:30. 我通常會從9:30開始工作

當使用 from 表示事件的開始時,也可以使用 to 或 until/till 來表示事件的結束。

I slept from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. (or until/till 8a.m.) 我從晚上十點睡到早上八點。
The news reported that 500 died in the earthquake from this morning to midnight. (or until/till midnight) 新聞從早上到凌晨報導了有500人死於地震。

since, for, from – 練習題

1. We've known each other he transferred to our school.

2. I can line up in the concert hall early in the morning.

3. My sister was living in America fifteen years.

4. The gate of our school is open 6 a.m to 6 p.m every week day.

5. He has known the truth   a long time.

6. She hadn't had so much fun  she was in high school.

7. I haven't been home I graduated from college.

8. My new class schedule will start 9 o'clock in the morning.

9. She has been calling her brother more than three hours.

10. My dad quit smoking the day I was born.





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