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so/such – 表示增強意義

我們可以使用 so such 來增強形容詞、副詞或名詞的意義(=’very/really’):

Why did you do it? You are so stupid! 你為什麼這麼做? 你真傻!
He was such a terrible father that now his kids don’t want to be around him.  他是個糟糕的父親,現在他的孩子們都不想和他在一起了。

我們也可以使用 so such 來表示“像這樣”:

Sorry I didn’t call. I didn’t know it was so important for you. (=important like this).  對不起,我沒有打電話。 我不知道這對你如此重要。
I don’t understand how you could make such a terrible mistake. (= a mistake like this) 我不明白你怎麼會犯這麼可怕的錯誤。

so, such 的用法

so + 形容詞/副詞 + ( that…)

我們用 so + 形容詞或副詞。

Why don’t you try to study. You are so lazy! 你為什麼不努力學習呢。 你真懶!
You get on my nerves. You drive so fast. 你讓我很緊張。 你開得太快了。

我們經常使用 so + 形容詞或副詞 + ( that …)。

He is so good (that) he gets bored when he plays against me.  他太好了,當他和我比賽時會感到厭煩。
Tom drives so slowly (that) other drivers get impatient around him. 湯姆開得太慢了,以至於其他司機都對他感到不耐煩。

such a + (形容詞) + 名詞 + (that…)

我們使用 such a +(形容詞)+ 可數單數名詞。

I love her. She is such a brilliant dancer. 我愛她。 她是如此出色的舞者。
It was such a party! We had a lot of fun. 真是一場派對! 我們玩得很開心。

我們經常用 such a +(形容詞)+可數單數名詞 + (that… )。

It had been such a terrible day (that) I just wanted to go to bed.  這是如此糟糕的一天,我只想睡覺。
He is such a liar (that) nobody trusts him any more. 他是個騙子,沒人再信任他了。

such + (形容詞) + 名詞 + (that…)

我們用 such +(形容詞)+ 不可數名詞或複數名詞。

The trip was a disaster. We had such terrible weather! 這次旅行是一場災難。 天氣太糟糕了!
Everybody loves being with Mike. He tells such funny stories! 每個人都喜歡和麥克在一起。 他講了這麼有趣的故事!

我們經常使用 such +(形容詞)+ 不可數名詞或複數名詞 + ( that… )。

We had such terrible weather (that) we decided to go back home.   天氣太糟糕了,所以我們决定回家。
She said such nice things (that) we were all moved. 她說了這麼好聽的話,我們都感動了。

so much/so many 的用法

我們可以使用 so much/so many 來表示“太多/這麼多”。

so much + 不可數名詞 + (that…)

我們用 so much  + 不可數名詞。

Did you see her house? I didn’t know she had so much money. 你看到她的房子了嗎? 我不知道她有這麼多錢。
I wish you wouldn’t spend so much time on the phone. 我希望你不要花那麼多時間在電話上。

我們經常用 so much + 不可數名詞 + (that…)。

She always cooks so much food that we have to throw half of it away.   她總是做太多的食物,以至於我們不得不扔掉一半。
There is so much furniture that it’s difficult to walk around the house.  傢俱太多了,很難在房子裏走動。

so many + 複數名詞 + (that…)

我們用 so many  + 複數名詞。

He couldn’t even walk among so many fans.  他甚至不能在這麼多粉絲中行走。
You don’t need to repeat everything so many times. 你不需要把每件事都重複這麼多次。

我們經常用 so many + 複數名詞 + ( that… )。

There were so many people at the concert (that) we didn’t really enjoy it. 音樂會上有那麼多人,我們真的不喜歡。
She had so many problems (that) she just didn’t know what to do. 她有太多的問題,以至於不知道該怎麼辦。

so, such, such a, so much, so many 的用法 – 練習題

1. The star rated hotel room is expensive that we have to choose a small hotel.

2. The party was incredible. They have nice house.

3. We didn't use the air conditioner. It was cold already.

4. There was bad weather that we had to stay home all day.

5. I have cars that I can't decide which one to drive later.

6. We couldn't believe what had just happened. It was bad luck.

7. He put   salt that we couldn't eat it.

8. When we arrived, Mike was there. It was   surprise.

9. She is very glamorous. She always wears   nice dresses.

10. We couldn't react. Everything happened   quickly.




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