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so 和 therefore 是兩個非常實用的連接詞。我們可以使用 so 和 therefore 來談論某件事情的結果。so 通常出現在句子的中間,而 therefore 則出現在一個新句子的開頭。相較於 so,therefore 更加正式。

It was raining, so I stayed at home.
It was raining. Therefore, I stayed at home.


So I stayed at home, it was raining. (錯誤)

和使用 because 來表達的意思是一樣的。

Because it was raining, I stayed at home.


She was tired so she went to bed early. 她累了,所以很早就睡了。
The train was delayed. Therefore, we were late for the meeting. 火車晚點了。 因此,我們開會遲到了。
We were hungry so we stopped for a snack. 我們餓了,所以我們停下來吃點心。
The children were muddy. Therefore, they had a bath. 孩子們渾身是泥。 因此,他們洗了個澡。

so 和 therefore – 練習題

更改句子,使它們包含 “so” 或 “therefore”,而不是 “because”。

1. Because she was hungry, she had lunch early. (so)

2. Because it was freezing weather, we stayed inside. (therefore)

3. Because the house was dirty, he cleaned it. (so)


  1. She was hungry so she had lunch early.
  2. It was freezing weather. Therefore, we stayed inside.
  3. The house was dirty so he cleaned it.



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