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I play basketball.This is my brother.
You are Australian.Give me your book
He is very tall.That’s his house.
She is a teacher.I know her sister.
It is a dog.It has its advantages.
We love Chinese.We love our parents.
You are students.I like your cat.
They have a nice house.This is their teacher.


I + 動詞– my + 名詞 

我們使用 + 動詞,我們使用所有格形容詞 + 名詞

These are Tom and Paul; they are from Hongkong. And that’s their car.  這是湯姆和保羅; 他們來自香港。 那是他們的車。
I love my friend Kate.  我愛我的朋友凱特。

所有格形容詞只有一個單數形式 (字尾絕對不會加s)


These are their bags.  這些是他們的包。(不能說 theirs bags)

it/its 指稱事物,they/their 指稱人和事物

我們將 he-hisshe-her 用於人,我們將 it-its 用於事物。但在複數形式中,我們將 they-their 用於人和事。

The ship has its own swimming pool. It is an amazing spot. 這艘船有自己的游泳池。 這是一個令人驚歎的地方。
I like those flowers; they are colorful. However, their leaves are already dying. 我喜歡那些花; 它們是五顏六色的。 然而,它們的葉子已經枯死了。

it’s 指稱時間和天氣

我們用 it’s (=it is) 來說明時間或天氣。

It’s raining hard right now, but it’s not cold.  現在雨下得很大,但不冷。
‘What time is it ?’ ‘It’s seven o’clock.’ “現在幾點了?” 現在是七點鐘。”

使用 it’s 還是 its?       

Its = 所有格形容詞。 It’s = it is (主詞 + be 動詞)

Look at that flower. It’s beautiful. I like its color. 看看那朵花。 它很漂亮。 我喜歡它的顏色。

所有格形容詞和主詞代名詞 – 練習題

1. Tom is   friend. has a nice house.

2.   are very happy with new dog.

3. We share food.

4.   wants   breakfast.

5. We want to visit parents.

6. South Korea is famous for K-pop music.

7. Susan lives on street.   house is very near.

8. What are those in the mailbox?' ' letters.'

9. I like this place and   special atmosphere.

10. I love this place.   very special.




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