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可以重複架構: “the + 比較級 + 主詞 + 動詞”來表達某件事依賴著另一件事,或是兩個變因有相關。

The healthier you eat, the better you feel. 你吃得越健康,感覺越好。
The harder she works, the more earned she is. 她工作越努力,掙得越多。

請注意當架構中有動詞 be,可以刪掉。

The longer the wait, the more agitated the people become. =The longer the wait is, the more agitated the people become. 

the more/the less + 名詞


The more water you drink, the healthier you’ll be. 你喝的水越多,你就越健康。
The less sugar you take, the better skin you’ll get. 你吃的糖越少,皮膚就越好。

the more/the less + 子句

也可以用 “the more / the less + 主詞 + 動詞”來代替形容詞或名詞。

The more you run, the more tired you get. 你跑得越多,你就越累。
The more you watch, the less you get to sleep. 你看得越多,睡得就越少。

the … the better 的用法

也可以用 “the + 比較級形容詞, the better” 可以表達對於某件事的數量或品質的偏好。

Please, call me soon. The sooner, the better. 请尽快给我打电话。越快越好。
A: ‘Isn’t this fridge too big?’   B: ‘No, the bigger, the better.’  A: “这冰箱不是太大了吗?”B: “不,越大越好。”

the … the … 形式的比較級用法 – 練習題

1. , the more solution to the problem I can do.

2. The more admired a person is, he or she becomes.

3. A: "Do you like a bulky man?" B. Yes, I do like them. .

4. , the more productive you will be.

5. you intake, the more weight you should lose.

6. The more circle of friends they have, have in their project.

7. I want to change my bed. The , the better.

8. , the less stress will occur.

9. The you give, the more you receive.

10. you are, the less you'll get sick.





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