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this, these (這個,這些)

我們將 this 和 these 用於 here (附近)的事物。This 是單數,these是複數。

This is my new phone. 這是我的新手機。
These are my new classmates Jessy and Johnny. 這是我的新同學傑西和約翰尼。

that, those (那個,那些)

我們將 that 和 those 用於 there(不在附近)的東西。That 是單數,those 是複數。

That store is very creepy. 那家商店非常令人毛骨悚然。
She wants those books on the stand. 她想要書架上的那些書。


我們可以使用 this、that、these、those 後面接名詞( this box、that car…等)或不接名詞。

This pen is very expensive. 這支鋼筆很貴。
I like that girl in the store. 我喜歡店裡的那個女孩。
Who is that? (= that person) 那是誰?
‘What are those?’ ‘They are old maps.’ “那些是什麼?” “它們是舊地圖。”

This is Mike (介紹某人給另一個人的時候/打電話一開頭的自我介紹)

我們在介紹某個人和打電話時使用 this is

Hi, this is Mike. (打電話時) 嗨,我是邁克。
Rose: ‘Hi, Lily. This is my friend Mike.’ Lily: ‘Hi, Mike. Nice to meet you.’ 羅斯:“嗨,莉莉。 這是我的朋友邁克。” 莉莉:“嗨,邁克。 很高興見到你。’

this, that, these, those 的用法 – 練習題

1. are my friends.

2. Hi, Laura. is my mother Karen Smith.' 'Hi, Mrs. Smith. Nice to meet you.'

3. Look at bees in the tree.

4. What are in the basket?' 'They are fresh fruits from the garden.'

5. Is book good?

6. Are   your friends?

7. Who is man over there?

8. Isn't   your friend Erik?

9. Why are boxes here?

10.   are my glasses.




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