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可以用 to + 不定詞和 for + 名詞來表達某個行為的目的或是做某件事的原因。

to + 不定詞

I went to the library to get some books. 我去圖書館取了些書。
He studied hard to pass the exam. 他努力學習以通過考試。

for + 名詞

We go to the hospital for a check-up. 我們為了檢查去醫院。
I worked part-time jobs for the money. 我為了錢做兼職。

比較 to 和 for:

I went to the office to get some documents.我去辦公室拿了一些文件。

I went to the office for some documents.我為了一些文件去辦公室。

for + -ing 的用法

當表達做某個行為的目的或是做某件事的原因不能用 for + -ing

I refused for looking at the result. (X)
I refused to look at the result. (✓)

Get on your bike for going to the store. (X)
Get on your bike to go to the store. (✓)

用 for + ing 表達某件事的目標或作用,或是某個物品的用途。

This headphone is used for listening to music. 這個耳機是用來聽音樂的。
This is a high-performance computer for playing games. 这是一款用于玩游戏的高性能计算机。

to , for – 練習題

1. She came to the school find her son.

2. This computer is used working on the project.

3. Do you have time a quick call?

4. I need a paper the upcoming test.

5. I need a paper take the test.

6. This box is used storing things.

7. Where can I stay call some help?

8. I need go to work early for a meeting.

9. You have to inform your students a test.

10. I wake up early play my new guitar.





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