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在英文中,wire 和 cable 都可以表示「電線」,有時候它們似乎可以互換使用,但其實在細節上還是有一些差別的。


wire 一般指單根導體,通常是比較細的金屬絲, 或比較粗的線的裡面的一條線,比如火線或地線等。wire 通常比 cable 細小,並且常用於連接電子設備內部的元件,或者在家庭和辦公室內的短距離連接。

The electrician is fixing the wires in the circuit. 電工正在修理電路中的電。
Which wire is the live wire and which is the earth wire? 哪根電線是火線,哪根是地線?


cable 通常指的是由多根線束或纖維組成的粗繩,並通常被外層保護套包裹的電線。它們用於較重的電力傳輸或將數據傳輸至長距離。像手機的數據線可以用 cable。與 wire 相比,cable 通常更複雜,可能包含多條線束。

Do you have a charging cable for an iPhone? 你有iPhone的充電線嗎?
The bridge is supported by steel cables. 那座橋梁由鋼製纜線支撐。

wire 和 cable – 練習題

1. You need a solid to connect the speakers to the amplifier.

2. For high-speed internet, you should use an Ethernet .

3. The technician used a thin to repair the electronic device.

4. To make a simple electrical connection, you can use a copper .

5. She bought a new HDMI for her television.

6. The artist created a sculpture using just metal .

7. You'll need a long charging for your phone if the outlet is far away.




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