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Are you sure… 的场景对话

Lisa 和 Mark 正在讨论即将提交的销售报告。

Lisa: I’ve included all the data from the last quarter. I think it looks comprehensive.

Mark: Are you sure you included the updates from the Tokyo office? They sent those figures late last night.

Lisa: Let me double-check that. You might be right, I may have missed that email.

Lisa: 我已经包括了上一季度的所有数据。我认为这看起来很全面。
Mark: 你确定你包括了来自东京办公室的更新吗?他们昨晚很晚才发送那些数字。
Lisa: 让我再检查一下。你可能是对的,我可能错过了那封邮件。 !

Are you sure… 的句型解释和用法

不同于结构 I’m not sure if + (主词) + (动词),这个结构作为一个问句使用,用来询问某人是否确信某事将要发生。


Are you sure you locked the door? 你确定你锁了门吗?
Are you sure this is the right way? 你确定这是正确的路吗?
Are you sure that’s what he said? 你确定那是他所说的吗? 。

Are you sure… 的用法 – 练习题

试着用  Are you sure 完成以下句子:


____________ .


____________ .


Are you sure you don’t want to go to college? 你确定你不想去大学吗?

Are you sure you want to travel alone? 你确定你想一个人去旅行吗?



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