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我不太舒服,我们可以说 I don’t feel very good。也可以说 I don’t feel very well。 feel good 和 feel well 虽然在某些情境下可互换使用,但它们各自有着不同的焦点和用法。

Feel Good

feel good 这个短语通常用来描述心情愉快或情绪正面的状态。它不仅可以指身体感觉舒适,更多的时候是指心理或情感上的满足感。

Watching the sunset makes me feel good. 观赏日落让我感到愉悦。
Doing charity work makes her feel good about herself. 做慈善工作让她对自己感到满意。

Feel Well

相较之下,feel well 通常用来指身体健康或没有生病的状态。它着重于身体感觉,特别是在谈论健康或疾病康复的情境中。当某人感冒或生病后康复,我们通常会使用 feel well。

I don’t feel well today, maybe I have a cold. 我今天感觉不舒服,可能是感冒了。
After a few days of rest, he’s starting to feel well again. 休息了几天后,他开始恢复健康。

feel good 和 feel well – 练习题

1. I don't think I can come to work today; I don't .

2. When I'm with my family, I always .

3. I about the decision I made.

4. After taking the medicine, do you now?

5. It's great to after so long feeling down.

6. She said she didn't and might need to see a doctor.

7. I about the work I've accomplished today.

8. He's been sick for a week but is finally starting to .





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