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在英文中,holiday 和 vacation 都与“假期”有关,但它们在英式英文和美式英文中的用法有所不同。


在美式英语中,holiday 通常用来指节日或公共假期。而 vacation 则更加常见,专指个人的休假。

Many people travel during the Christmas holiday.许多人在圣诞节假期旅行。
I took a two-week vacation to Hawaii. 我去夏威夷度了两周的假。


在英式英文中,holiday 这个词范围更广,不仅包括公共假期或正式的假日,也用来指个人的休假。

We are going on holiday to Spain this summer. 我们今年夏天要去西班牙度假。
The office will be closed for the Christmas holidays.办公室在圣诞节假期将会关闭。

holiday 和 vacation – 练习题


1. Many Americans travel to see their families during the Thanksgiving .

2. She's planning a beach for next summer.

3. Independence Day is a significant in the United States.

4. We're taking a two-week to Europe.

5. The office is usually decorated for the Christmas .

6. I need a to relax and unwind.




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