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虽然 let和 make 这两个词都可以翻译为中文的“让”,它们在英语中却有着不同的含义和用法。


let 通常用来表示允许或给予许可的意思。当某人 let 另一个人做某事时,意味着他们给予了做那件事的自由或许可。

Let him come in. 让(允许)他进来。
My parents let me stay out late on weekends. 我父母允许我在周末晚出去。
My Mom won’t let me watch TV. 我妈妈不允许我看电视。


相比之下,make 用来表示强制或迫使某人做某事。当某人 make 别人做某事时,通常涉及某种压力或权威,使被动者没有太多选择的余地。

He made me do it. 他让我这样做的。
The teacher made us stay after class as a punishment.老师作为惩罚让我们课后留下。
The law makes it mandatory to wear a seatbelt.法律强制要求系安全带。

let 和 make – 练习题

1. She wouldn't her child go out alone after dark.

2. The situation him reconsider his career choices.

3. Can you me know when you arrive?

4. The rules it clear that no one is allowed to enter after hours.

5. He his kids choose their own clothes for school.

6. I'll you decide where we go for dinner.

7. Her persuasive speech everyone change their minds.

8. Please me finish my sentence before you respond.




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