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在英文的使用中,look for 和 find 虽然都与“寻找”相关,但它们的用法和强调点却有显著的不同。 look for 着重于寻找的过程,而 find 则聚焦于寻找的结果。理解这两个词的差异对于准确地表达我们的意图非常重要。

Look for

look for 通常用来表示寻找的动作本身,强调的是寻找过程。当你正在寻找某物但尚未找到时,你会用 look for 这个词。

I am looking for my keys. 我在找我的钥匙。
She spent the whole morning looking for the perfect dress. 她花了整个早上寻找完美的礼服。


相比之下,find 则是指在寻找过程之后成功地发现或碰到某物。它表示寻找的结果。因此在描述已经找到的事物时常常使用过去式。

I finally found my keys under the sofa. 我最终在沙发下找到了我的钥匙。
She found the information she needed for her report. 她找到了撰写报告所需的资讯。

look for 和 find – 练习题

1. Are you still your wallet?

2. She a nice spot to watch the sunset.

3. I need to a new pair of shoes.

4. He his old photo album in the attic.

5. We have been a solution to the problem all week.

6. They an old treasure map in the basement.

7. She finally the book she wanted at the bookstore.

8. We'll need to a new place to live soon.




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