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loud 是一个形容词,用来描述声音的强度高或声量大。它通常用来描绘人、音乐、机器等的声音大。

The music was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself think.音乐声太大,我都无法听见自己的思考。
He has a loud voice that can be heard across the room. 他的声音很大,可以在整个房间里听到。


loudly 是 loud 的副词形式,用来描述执行某个动作时的声音大小。它经常与动词搭配,如 speak loudly 或 laugh loudly,表示该行为是以高声量进行的。

She spoke loudly to get everyone’s attention. 她大声说话以引起大家的注意。
The audience laughed loudly at the joke.观众对于那个笑话放声大笑。


aloud 也是一个副词,相当于 out loud。它专门用来描述声音被说出口或读出来。

Please read the instructions aloud. 请大声读出指示。
He thought aloud while trying to solve the problem. 他试图解决问题时自言自语。

loud, loudly 和 aloud – 练习题

1. He laughed so that everyone in the room turned to look.

2. Can you speak a bit more ? I can't hear you.

3. The teacher asked the student to read the poem .

4. The crowd cheered when the winner was announced.

5. I prefer studying in a quiet place because I cannot concentrate when it's too .

6. He always talks so on the phone, everyone can hear his conversation.

7. When she's angry, she tends to speak more .




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