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在英文中,我们可以使用不同的词语和片语来表达 “逆转” 或 “反败为胜” 的意思。以下是一些常见的表达方式:

make a comeback

make a comeback,意为重新崛起或进行一场逆袭。

In the final, China was down by 2 goals at halftime, but then they made a stunning comeback in the second half, winning the game 3-2.在决赛中,中国队在上半场落后2球,但在下半场逆转,以3-2取胜。
After a period of setbacks, the team made a remarkable comeback and regained their position at the top. 在一段挫折后,这支队伍成功地重新崛起,重新夺回了领先地位。

turn the tables

turn the tables 表示改变局势,掌握主动权。

Despite being behind in the game, they turned the tables and emerged victorious. 尽管在比赛中处于落后,他们逆转局势,获得了胜利。

reverse the situation

reverse 本身就有逆转的意思, reverse the situation 表示逆转局势。

After trailing by three goals, the team scored four consecutive goals to reverse the situation and win the match. 在落后三个进球后,这支队伍连续进了四个进球,逆转了局势并赢得了比赛。



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