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not only…,but also…… 的场景对话

Emily 和 Jane 正在讨论他们共同认识的新朋友 Mark。

Emily: Have you met Mark? He’s quite an interesting person.

Jane: Yes, I have. He’s not only intelligent but also rich. I heard he started his own tech company.

Emily: That’s impressive!

Emily: 你见过Mark吗?他是一个很有趣的人。
Jane: 是的,我见过。他不仅聪明,而且很有钱。我听说他创办了自己的科技公司。
Emily: 真令人印象深刻! 。

not only…,but also…… 的句型解释和用法

结构 not only A but also B 用来强调 B 的重要性。使用这个结构时,平行结构是必须的,即在 not only 和 but also 之后的部分必须对称。换句话说,如果在 not only 之后使用名词,那么在 but also 之后也需要使用名词。对形容词、动词或从句也是如此。


She’s not only talented but also hardworking. (形容词) 她不仅有才华,而且还很努力。
She was hired by a company that not only pays well but also offers great benefits. (动词)她被一家公司聘用,该公司不仅薪资丰厚,而且还提供丰厚的福利。
He’s thrilled as not only he got a promotion, but also he received a significant bonus.(从句) 他很高兴,因为他不仅获得了晋升,而且还获得了丰厚的奖金。


Not only she’s talented, but hardworking as well. (形容词)
The company she works for not only pay; well, but they also offer great benefits. (动词)
He’s thrilled as not only he got a promotion, but he also received a significant bonus. (从句)

在写作中,常见的做法是将动词 to be 放在主语之前:

Not only is he intelligent, but he is also rich. (形容词)
The family he was born into not only is intelligent, but also has a lot of money. (动词)

not only…,but also…的用法 – 练习题

在写作中,试着用  not only…,but also… 完成以下句子:


____________ .


Not only is she good at singing, but she is also good at dancing. 她不仅擅长唱歌,还擅长跳舞。



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