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在被动式中,主动句的宾语变成了主语。我们则必须使用各种时态的 be 动词,后面加上主要动词的过去分词。在被动式句子中,主语是动作的接受者,而不是动作的执行者。

They take the photos in Japan. 他们在日本拍照片。 (主动)
The photos are taken in Japan. 这些照片是在日本拍摄的。 (被动)


They take the photos.一般现在时The photos are taken.
They are taking the photos.现在进行时The photos are being taken.
They have taken the photos.现在完成时The photos have been taken.
They took the photos.一般过去时The photos were taken.
They were taking the photos.过去进行时The photos were being taken.
They will take the photos.将来时The photos will be taken.
They are going to take the going toThe photos are going to be taken.
They will have taken the photos.将来完成时The photos will have been taken.



A bank was robbed last week. 上周一家银行被抢了。 (我们不知道是谁抢劫了银行。)
He was arrested last night. 他昨晚被捕了。 (很明显,警詧逮捕了他。)
have been told that you insulted my brother. 有人告诉我,你侮辱了我哥哥。 (我不想说是谁告诉我的。)
Jurassic Park was filmed by Spielberg in 1993. 《侏罗纪公园》由斯皮尔伯格于1993年拍摄。 (我说的是《侏罗纪公园》,而不是斯皮尔伯格。)

各种时态的被动式 – 练习题

1. The new chemical   when it exploded.

2. How could you insult the manager? You   fired.

3. She   of everything.

4. When I opened the cupboard, I saw that all the cookies .

5. You to be so late if you worked for me.

6. After   he insulted the referee.

7. A new restaurant   in our street next week.

8. The question at the meeting.

9. The car isn't  there anymore. It   stolen.

10. He   about the decision and got angry.




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