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好多人会把 raise 和 rise 这两个单字搞混。虽然这两个字都与「上升」或「增加」有关,让我们一起来看一看。

Raise [reɪz]

raise 是一个及物动词,意味着它需要一个直接宾语来完成其意义。当你 raise 某物时,通常意味着你将其从一个较低的位置移动到一个较高的位置,或者你在促进某种增加或增长。 raise 常用于谈论提高薪水、增加数量、举起物品或促进某种发展。

The company decided to raise all employees’ salaries by 5%. 公司决定将所有员工的薪水提高5%。
Please raise your hand if you have a question. 如果你有问题,请举手。

Rise [raɪz]

相比之下,rise 是一个不及物动词,意味着它不需要直接宾语。当某物 rise 时,它自己上升或增加,不需要外力作用。 rise 常用于描述太阳的升起、温度的上升、水位的增高或一般的增加和提升。

The sun rises in the east. 太阳从东方升起。
The price of oil has risen significantly this year. 今年油价已显著上涨。

raise 和 rise – 练习题

1. The charity event aimed to money for local hospitals.

2. Temperatures are expected to over the weekend.

3. She will the issue during the meeting.

4. The sun early in the summer.

5. The company plans to the prices of its products next month.

6. Every morning, she watches the birds into the sky.

7. They need to awareness about the environmental issues.

8. The bread dough will if left in a warm place.




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