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reach 和 arrive 都可以用来表示「到达」,但还是有一些小区别的,它们各自强调了不同的方面。


Reach 强调的是达到目的地的行动过程,特别是在经历了漫长或具有挑战性的旅程之后。它意味着一种努力、进步或克服障碍以最终达到预期目标的感觉。

We finally reached the mountain’s summit after hours of hiking. 我们经过几小时的徒步旅行终于到达了山顶。
The campaign reached its goal of raising $10,000. 募捐活动达到了筹集1万美元的目标。


相比之下,arrive 仅意味着到达预期的地点或最终目的地。它更关注到达某个地方的行为而不是旅程。

The train is expected to arrive at the station at 5 p.m. 预计火车将于下午5点抵达车站。
They arrived in Paris just in time for the festival. 他们刚好在节日开始时抵达巴黎。

reach 和 arrive – 练习题

1. When do you expect to at the hotel?

2. The message finally to its intended recipient.

3. She the conclusion after much deliberation.

4. Our flight is scheduled to in New York at 8 p.m.

5. They the top of the hill just before sunset.

6. As soon as we home, I'll give you a call.

7. The project has its final phase.




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