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reserve、book 和 order 都能表达“预定”的意思,经常会被搞混。虽然这三个词在某些情境下可互相替换,但它们各自有着不同的焦点和用法。


Reserve 的意思是把你的名字写在某物上,这样别人就不能用了。常与预留房间、座位、车辆或其他服务相关。这个词强调对某项服务或物品的暂时性保留,而不涉及实际的购买或付款。

I reserved a table for us at the restaurant. 我为我们在餐厅预留了一张桌子。
She reserved a room in the hotel for next weekend. 她预留了下周末酒店的一间房间。


相比之下,”book” 通常指安排或确定预定,特别是在涉及旅馆、航班、票务等情况下。它往往意味着预定过程已经完成,并且可能已经进行了支付。

He booked flights for his trip to Japan. 他预订了前往日本的机票。
Can you book tickets for the concert next month? 你可以预订下个月音乐会的票吗?


Order 常用于指购买或预定商品,有“下单”的意思。 “Order” 通常用于餐厅点餐或在网上购物。

We ordered pizza for dinner tonight. 我们今晚订了比萨做晚餐。
I need to order a new laptop online. 我需要在线订购一台新笔记本电脑。

reserve、book 和 order – 练习题

1. You'll need to a table at that popular restaurant weeks in advance.

2. She decided to her flight early to get a better deal.

3. We'd like to seats near the stage for the concert.

4. For her birthday, she wants to a private dining room in a fancy restaurant.

5. They had to their spot in the guided tour two months ahead.

6. I'm going to a bouquet of flowers for delivery on Mother's Day.




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