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英文中,sometime 和 some time 虽然在拼写上只有细微差别,但在用法上有着明显的不同。


sometime 是一个副词,用来指一个不特定的、未确定的时间点。它通常用于表示将来或过去的某个时刻,但具体时间不确定或不重要。

Let’s meet up sometime next week. 我们下周某个时候见面吧。
She said she visited that museum sometime last year. 她说她去年某个时候参观了那个博物馆。

Some time

some time 由两个词组成:形容词 some 和名词 time,表示一段时间,强调的是时间的持续性或长度。它用来指一段不定的但相对较长的时间。

I need some time to think about your proposal. 我需要一些时间来思考你的提议。
She has been living there for quite some time now. 她在那里居住已经相当一段时间了。

sometime 和 some time – 练习题

1. I hope to take a vacation for this summer to relax and unwind.

2. She mentioned that she would call me today, but she didn't specify when.

3. It's been since we last met; we should catch up soon.

4. Can you finish this project next week?

5. He's been studying English for quite now and has made significant progress.

6. Let's plan to meet in the afternoon when you're free.

7. It might take me to get used to the new software.

8. I last visited that city in the early 2000s.

9. To master a new language, you need to practice for .

10. She said she'd been feeling unwell for and decided to see a doctor.




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