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say、tell、speak、talk 都有“说”的含义,那我们该怎么区分它们的用法呢?


第一组为 tell 和 say ,它们强调一方对另一方说话。

第二组为 speak 和 talk,它们暗示有对话产生。

tell 和 say


tel l的意思是告诉某人关于某事的信息。

I told him about it. 我把这件事告诉了他。
She told me that she was hungry. 她告诉我她饿了。

我们不单独使用 tell:它后面要直接跟某人(间接宾语),通常是代词:如:me, you, him 等。也可以是人名,如:Tom。

What did she tell you? 她跟你说了什么? (不能说 What did she tell?)

在以下固定搭配中,tell 后面可以不跟某人。

  • tell a lie → Children shouldn’t tell lies. 孩子们不应该说谎。
  • tell the truth → I’m going to tell the truth. 我要说实话。
  • tell a joke → Tom is great at telling jokes. 汤姆很会讲笑话。
  • tell a story → They stayed up late telling ghost stories. 他们熬夜讲鬼故事。


say 后面直接跟说话的内容。

Mike says he doesn’t like cake. 迈克说他不喜欢蛋糕。

我们不在 say 后面不直接跟某人。

What did she say? 她说了什么? (不能说 What did she say you?)

我们可以用 say + to + 某人。

What did she say to you? 她对你说了什么?

say 可以与不定代词 something 和 anything 一起使用。

Did you say something? 你说了什么吗?
No, I didn’t say anything. 不,我什么也没说。

speak 和 talk

speak 和 talk 表示相似意思,但使用它们的场景不同。关键的区别在于,speak 用于正式场合,而 talk 用于非正式场合。


speak 用于更严肃或正式的场合。

1. 进行一次正式的交谈,讨论一些严肃的事情。

I will speak to my boss about it. 我会和我的老板谈谈这件事。

2. 为一群人举行正式的讲座。

The CEO will speak at the annual board meeting tomorrow. CEO将在明天的年度董事会会议上发言。

3. 能够使用一门语言。

I can speak English. 我会说英语。

4. 用于打电话。

Hello, can I speak to Max? 你好,我能和马克斯说话吗?
Yes, speaking. 我是。 (Max正在讲话)


talk 用于一般的话题,非正式的场合。

1. 与某人进行非正式交谈。

Can I talk to you for a few minutes? 我能和你聊几分钟吗?

2. 做一次非正式的讲座。

Tom will be talking about different learning styles. 汤姆将谈论不同的学习风格。

3. 讨论某事 (talk + 名词)

Let’s talk business/money/travel arrangements. 让我们谈谈生意/钱/旅行安排。

我们可以用 speak 和 talk 搭配介词 to, with, 和 about。

用 speak 和 talk + to/with + someone。

用 speak 和 talk + about + someone/something。

I spoke/talked to my boss yesterday. 我昨天和老板谈过了。   (我和老板进行了一次交谈)
We spoke/talked about the promotion.  我们谈论了晋升事宜。 (有关晋升是讨论的话题)

tell/say/speak/talk – 练习题

1. Sorry? Did you something?

2. My uncle the worst jokes.

3. They that chocolate isn’t good for dogs.

4. Will you us a story?

5. How rude! He told to shut up.

6. Maria says that you shouldn’t run in the hallways.

7. Ruby Japanese and Korean.

8. Enough about homework let’s ice-cream flavours.

9. I to Manuella on the phone last night.

10. The teacher wants to to me. I think I am in trouble.

11. Tim is away at summer camp. He misses his family very much and he wishes he could to them

12. I need to to the bank about a savings account.




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