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The more… the more… 的场景对话

Emma 和 Jack 正在讨论他们的健身进展。

Emma: I’ve noticed something interesting about my workouts.

Jack: Really? What’s that?

Emma: The more I exercise, the more energy I seem to have throughout the day.

Jack: That’s great! It’s like a positive cycle. The more effort you put in, the better you feel.

Emma: 我发现了一些有趣的健身现象。
Jack: 真的吗?是什么?
Emma: 我运动越多,全天的精力似乎越充沛。
Jack: 那太棒了!这就像一个良性循环。你投入的努力越多,感觉就越好。

The more… the more… 的句型解释和用法

这个结构表示一件事情的增加会导致另一件事情的增加。一般来说,在两个从句中的每个 more 之后,你需要使用一个子句(主语 + 动词):The more (主词 + 动词), the more (主语 + 动词)。

例如,The more money you have, the more cars you can buy. 或 The more fluently you can speak English, the more likely that you’ll be hired for a lucrative job.

如果A 和B 之间的关系是反向的,即A 的增加导致B 的减少,那么你需要在第二个子句中将more 替换为less(不可数名词)或fewer(可数名词)。

例如,The more I learn English, the less I feel awkward when speaking with native speakers. 或 The more practice I have, the fewer mistakes I make when speaking.

使用这个结构时,最后需要注意的是,你在形容词前使用 more 表示比较级,但对于短音节形容词,你只需在它们的末尾加 -er。例如: the harder you learn, the faster you can become fluent in English.


The more you read, the more knowledge you gain. 你读得越多,你获得的知识就越多。
The more practice you get, the better you become. 你练习得越多,你就变得越好。
The more you travel, the deeper your understanding of the world becomes. 你旅行越多,你对世界的了解就越深。

The more… the more 的用法 – 练习题

试着用  The more… the more… 完成以下句子:


____________ .


____________ .


I The more you read, the larger your vocabulary becomes. 你阅读越多,你的词汇量就越大。

The more you talk to people, the better your social skills become.




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