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serve somebody right

serve somebody right 表示某人應得的報應(活該)。

You didn’t study for the exam, so you failed. It serves you right. 你沒有準備考試,所以失敗了,活該。

deserve something

在口語中,我們經常聽到 You deserve it 表示某人活該。

You didn’t listen to what the teacher was saying, so you deserved it. 你不聽老師的話,所以你活該。

got what was coming to you

got what was coming to you 表示某人自找的,活該。

He knew it was dangerous to stake board there but he did it anyway, so he got what was coming to him. 他知道在那個裏釘木板很危險,但他還是這麼做了,所以他活該。

你也可以使用 got what you deserve” 代替。


  • You had it coming.
  • You asked for it.
  • You brought it on yourself.



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