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“我的手機沒電了”用英文怎麼說?我們可別說 “My phone is no power”。通過這篇文章,我們來學習幾個“手機沒電”的地道表達。


沒電了,我們可以說 out of power,但更地道的表達,會用 died/dead, my phone died。手機死掉了,即手機沒電了。

  • My phone is dead.
  • My phone died.
  • My phone is out of power.
  • My phone ran out of battery.


  • My phone is about to die.
  • My phone is dying.
  • My phone is almost dead.

低電量可以說 low battery。

  • My battery is low.
  • My phone is running low on battery.
  • My phone only has 5% battery left.


給手機充電可以說 charge my phone 或 charge my battery。

  • I need to charge my phone.
  • My phone needs to be charged.

另外,手機的行動電源,我們可以說 power bank 或 battery pack。



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