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By the way 的场景对话

Grace 和 Henry 正在讨论他们即将到来的演讲准备。

Grace: I think I’ve covered all the major points for the presentation on environmental sustainability.

Henry: That sounds thorough. By the way, did you include the recent statistics from the UN report?

Grace: Oh, I forgot to add those. Thanks for reminding me.

Grace: 我认为我已经涵盖了环境可持续性演讲的所有主要点。
Henry: 听起来很全面。 顺便问一下,你有没有包括联合国报告中的最新统计数据?
Grace: 哦,我忘了添加那些。 谢谢你的提醒。

By the way 的句型解释和用法



I’ll see you at the meeting tomorrow. By the way, can you bring the documents we talked about? 明天会议见。 顺便问一下,你能带我们谈过的文件吗?
I loved the movie we watched last night. By the way, did you take my charger? 我喜欢我们昨晚看的电影。 顺便问一下,你拿我的充电器了吗?
I’ve finished editing the report. By the way, we need to update the project timeline. 我已经完成了报告的编辑。 顺便说一下,我们需要更新项目时间表。



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