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I have to 的場景對話

在一個家庭聚會上,Michael 和他的姐姐 Emily 正在討論他們的下周計劃。

Michael: I can’t believe how quickly next week is approaching. I have so much to do.

Emily: What’s on your agenda?

Michael: Well, first of all, I have to finish the report for work. It’s due on Wednesday.

Emily: Sounds busy. Anything else?

Michael: Yes, I also have to take my car to the mechanic. It’s been making some strange noises lately.

Emily: Oh, that doesn’t sound good.

Michael: 真不敢相信下週這麼快就要到了。我有好多事要做。
Michael: 首先,我必須完成工作上的報告。周三就要交了。
Emily: 聽起來很忙呢。還有其他事嗎?
Michael: 是的,我還得把我的車送去修理店。最近它一直在發出一些奇怪的聲音。
Emily: 哦,那聽起來不太好。

I have to 的句型解釋和用法

I have to 是一個表示必須做某事的句型。有許多方式可以表達必須做某事,但由於其簡潔性,這種表達是母語者經常使用的。記住,在 have to 之後,動詞必須是動詞原型。


I have to wake up early tomorrow for a meeting. 我明天早上得早起參加會議。
I have to study for my exams this weekend. 這個週末我必須準備考試。
I have to buy groceries on my way home. 我回家的路上得買些生活用品。

I have to 的用法 – 練習題

使用 I have to 完成以下句子:


____________ .




I have to see the doctor for a routine check-up this week. 我這週必須去看醫生進行常規檢查。

I have to switch to winter clothes because of the colder weather. 由於天氣變冷,我需要換上冬季衣物。




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