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  • take (sometime) off
  • take a leave
  • ask for leave
  • be on leave 

I will ask for leave and see a doctor.我會請假去看醫生。
She took a leave for four days last month. 她上個月請了四天假。
I’m taking 2 days off to handle some family issues. 我要請兩天天假處理家裡的事情。

take (sometime) off

在 take 和 off 中間可以放一段時間表示請了某段時間的假。如:

  • take a day off 請一天假
  • take two days off 請兩天假
  • take a month off 請一個月假
  • take the afternoon off 下午請假
  • take this Friday off 本週五請假

I’m feeling really sick today, so I need to take the day off from work. 我今天感覺很不舒服,所以我需要請假一天。
My sister is getting married next week, so I’m going to take a few days off to attend the wedding. 我妹妹下周就要結婚了,所以我打算休息幾天去參加婚禮。

注意:take a day off 和 take the day off 都是請一天假的意思。差別是,take a day off 只是說要請一天的假,但不確定是哪一天,而 take the day off 是已經確定要請某一天假時可以用,通常會指當天。

take a leave

請假最常用的動詞是 take, “leave”做名詞可以表示休假,請假。

在 leave 前面經常會加上特定單字表示不同的假別,如:take a sick leave  (請病假),也可以說可以說 take a sick day。 常見的請假類型:

  • 病假 sick leave
  • 事假 personal leave
  • 產假 maternity leave
  • 婚假 marriage leave
  • 年假 annual leave

I need to take a sick leave for two days because I caught a cold. 因為感冒,我需要請兩天病假.
Can I take a two-week personal leave for a trip? 我可以請兩周的事假去旅行嗎?
She is taking a one-week marriage leave. 她正在休一周的婚假。

ask for leave

請假除了與常見的動詞 take 搭配, 我們也可以用 ask/request for leave。

He needs to ask for sick leave this Thursday. 本週四他需要請病假。
Tom is asking for annual leave this June. 湯姆今年六月請年假。

be on leave

be on leave 表示在休假的狀態。

Sarah won’t be able to attend the meeting because she is on leave this week. 薩拉將無法參加會議,因為她本周休假。
Sorry. I can’t help you. I’m on sick leave today.抱歉。我幫不上忙。我今天請病假。



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