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“你等等我”或者“稍等一下”用英文怎麼說?我們可能首先想到用 wait a minute。 不能說這個表達錯了,但多數母語使用者不會這麼說。以下是些更地道的表達。

give me a moment

Could you give me a moment? 可以等我一下嗎。
Give me a second, I need to review these documents. 我需要查看這些文件。

這裡 moment 可以換成 minute /second, 表示比較短的時間。

hold on/hang on

Hold on, I need to take this call. 等等,我需要接這個電話。
Hold on a second, I am getting into a taxi. 等一下,我要上出租車了。

A: “Hey, do you have a moment to help me with this problem?” “嘿,你有時間幫我解決這個問題嗎?”
B: “Hang on a second, I’m just finishing up an email. Okay, what do you need help with?” “稍等,我正在處理一封電子郵件。現在好了,你需要什麼幫助?”

just a moment


Just a moment, sir. I have a question. 稍等片刻,老師。我有一個問題。

bear with me

please bear with me = please wait.


Ok, please bear with me while I check that for you. 請稍等一下,我給你確認下。



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