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on the way to

順路的可以說 on the way to 某個地方。

Let’s buy some books on the way to the school. 我們在去學校的路上順便買些書吧。
Could you pick up some vegetables at the supermarket if it’s on the way? 如果順路,你能去超市買些蔬菜嗎?

不順路,我們可以說 out of the way。

I don’t really want to go there, it’s a bit out of the way. 我不太想去,有點不順路。

are you going my way?

如果你想要詢問別人是否會順路,特別是需要搭便車時,你可以用 are you going my way? 口語中也可簡短為going my way?

Are you going my way? I need a ride to the airport. 你順路嗎?我需要搭便車去機場。


“stop by”、“drop by” 和 “swing by” 都可以表示“去某個地方途中順道去另一個地方”,“順路拜訪”,它們的意思很相似。

stop by

stop by 可以表示可能是短暫的停留,也可能是稍長時間的停留。

I’ll stop by your house on my way home. 我回家的路上會順便去你家。
Can you stop by the grocery store and pick up some milk? 你能順便去超市買點牛奶嗎?

drop by

drop by 通常表示短暫的拜訪或訪問。

I asked her to drop by whenever she was in the neighborhood. 我讓她在附近的時候順便過來。
You should drop by my new apartment sometime and see the view. 你有空的話,順便過來我新的公寓看看風景。

swing by

swing by 通常也只是短暫停留或訪問。

I’m going to swing by the bank and deposit this check before I go to work. 我要順路去銀行把這張支票存進去,然後去上班。
Can you swing by my place to pick me up before we go to the party? 我們去派對之前,你能順便過來接我嗎?



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