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addicted to someone or something沉迷于某人或某事
close to someone亲近某人
different to/from someone/something与某人/某事不同
kind to someone对某人好
married to someone嫁给某人
rude to someone对某人粗鲁
similar to something or someone类似于某事或某人
bad for something or someone对某事或某人不利
famous for something因某事而出名
good for something or someone对某事或某人有好处
sorry for someone/something or for doing something为某人/某事或做某事感到抱歉
good at something or doing something擅长某事或做某事
bad at something or doing something擅长某事或做某事
angry at someone对某人生气
interested in someone, in something or in doing something对某人、某事或做某事感兴趣
keen on something or doing something热衷于某事或做某事
hooked on something迷上了某事
afraid of something or someone害怕某事或某人
capable of something能够做某事
fond of something or someone喜欢某事或某人
proud of someone or something为某人或某事感到骄傲
fired of someone or something被某人或某事解雇
angry with someone对某人生气
bored with something对某事感到厌烦
led up with something or someone带领某事或某人
obsessed with someone/something痴迷于某人/某事
pleased with something/someone对某事/某人感到高兴
angry about something对某事生气
excited about something对某事感到兴奋
sorry about something对某事感到抱歉
worried about something or someone担心某事或某人

形容词 + 介词 – 从属介词 – 练习题

1. My aunt's behavior is different my mother.

2. She is very bad drawing.

3. The class president is not capable managing the class.

4. Henry is very obsessed his new pair of shoes.

5. Her parents were very proud her during her graduation.

6. How many years has your mother been married your father?

7. She was fed up her groupmates. They are not helping at all.

8. He's not very keen introducing himself, but he needs to know others.

9. The kids are excited the Halloween party.

10. Linda is famous her dancing skills during the contest.




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