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during 的用法

during 指 “在…期间”, “during + 名词/名词短语“ 是用来表达某件事是在什么时候发生的。 during 回应了 “when”。

Mike got hurt during his launch break. 麦克在午休时受伤了。
I will finish my essay during the holiday. 我会在假期期间把论文完成 。

for 的用法

“For + 一段时间” 是用来表达一件事情持续了多长的时间。 for 回应了 “how long”。

We have known each other for ten years. 我们已经认识十年了。
I waited for a long time, so I left at last. 我等太久所以先走了

while 的用法

“While + S + V” 是用来表达两件事情同时发生。

I cleaned the house while you were at work. 我在你在工作时整理了房间 。
I always watch TV while I’m exercising 我通常会一边运动一边看电视 。

during vs for

during 和 for 的差别在于 during 是表达某件事发生的时间点,而 for 是在表达某件事持续了多久。

Every day I work for 8 hours. 我每周工作8小时。  (=How long do you work?)
I usually play basketball during the weekend. 我通常周末打篮球 。 (=When do you play basketball?)

during vs while

During 和 while 主要的差别在于 While 后面是加上子句(S + V),而 during 后面是加上 noun名词/名词短语。

I felt uncomfortable during the concert. 我在看演唱会时感到不舒服。
I felt sleepy while I was studying. 我在读书时感到想睡觉。

During, for, while – 练习题

1. He was still working on his homework break time.

2. He has been attending ballet class two years.

3. My mom met my dad they were in Hawaii.

4. We should travel   we are still young.

5. I have been practicing my dance two weeks.

6. I lived with my grandparents more than 10 years.

7. She met her bestfriend the singing competition.

8. The hiker went missing he was looking for his friends.

9. My older brother left the house to catch up on the bus five minutes.

10. I got full marks my second semester of college .




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