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by the way / incidentally 的用法


That was a very good performance from class A. By the way/Incidentally, when is the school break again? 那是A班的一个很好的表现。顺便说一句,什么时候放假?
I’ll try to show up at your wedding. By the way/Incidentally, is your boss our old classmate? 我会尽量出现在你的婚礼上。顺便问一下,你老板是我们的老同学吗?

actually / in fact / as a matter of fact 的用法


I don’t really like chicken. Actually/In fact/As a matter of fact I have only eaten chicken once in my life. 我真的不喜欢鸡肉。实际上我一生只吃过一次鸡肉。
Everybody thinks he has a very bad temper, but actually/in fact/as a matter of fact he is very kind. 每个人都认为他脾气很坏,但实际上他很善良。

anyway / in any case 的用法


I agree that money is very hard to earn nowadays. Anyway/In any case, many people would still like to go to Paris for…… 我同意现在钱很难赚钱。不管怎样,很多人还是想去巴黎……


I’m too tired to go and it’s too late, and anyway/in any case it’s too expensive. 我太累了,去不了,也太迟了,而且无论如何都太贵了。

as I was saying 的用法


As I was saying, we could get up early and spend the whole day there. 正如我所说,我们可以早起,在那里呆一整天。

after all 的用法


I would trust her better than you; after all, she is my best friend. 我会比你更信任她; 毕竟,她是我最好的朋友。
Allan ended up marrying Anna. After all, they are childhood friends. 艾伦最终嫁给了安娜。毕竟,他们是儿时的朋友。


He is not such a bad professional after all. 他毕竟不是一个糟糕的职业球员。

at least 的用法


Many people got sick during the pandemic, but at least they recovered. 许多人在大流行期间生病了,但至少他们康复了。
He failed the interview, but at least he tried. 他没有通过面试,但至少他尝试过。


He knows the president, or at least that’s what he says.  他认识总统,或者至少他是这么说的。

all in all 的用法


There were some mistakes, but all in all you did a pretty good job. 有一些错误,但总的来说你做得很好。
Both TVs are great, but all in all I think this one is better for you. 两台电视都很棒,但总而言之,我认为这台更适合你。

on the whole 的用法

= Generally 总的来说

On the whole, men tend to avoid talking about feelings. 总的来说,男人倾向于避免谈论感情。
There has been some criticism, but on the whole, customers like what we offer. 有一些批评,但总的来说,客户喜欢我们提供的服务。

besides 的用法


I think the food is great; besides, it’s very cheap. 我认为食物很棒; 此外,它非常便宜。

furthermore 的用法


Electric cars are becoming more powerful and energy-efficient. Furthermore, they are much cheaper than a few years ago. 电动汽车正变得越来越强大和节能。此外,它们比几年前便宜得多。

what’s more 的用法

用 what’s more 来新增一些刚说过但有意思的内容。跟 furthermore 相似但更加非正式 。

Scientists have found a big body of water under the surface of the planet. What’s more, they think it’s not the only body of water they are going to find. 科学家们在地球表面下发现了一大片水体。更重要的是,他们认为这不是他们要找到的唯一水体。
He said that the new season is going to be premiered this September and, what’s more, he confirmed that it’s not going to be the last. 他说新一季将于今年 9 月首播,更重要的是,他确认这不会是最后一季。

obviously 的用法


Obviously, we don’t want to waste much time waiting for you. 显然,我们不想浪费太多时间等你。

Basically 的用法


Basically, what we do here is produce the plastic parts of the phone. 基本上,我们在这里做的是生产手机的塑胶部件。

in other words 的用法


She said we should take a break and have time to ourselves; in other words, she dumped me. 她说我们应该休息一下,给自己一些时间; 换句话说,她甩了我。

that is to say 的用法

用于解释或更准确地描述说过的事情。跟in other words 相似。

The best thing about music is the repeatability, that is to say, you can listen to the same songs again and again and never get bored.  音乐最好的地方是重复性; 也就是说,你可以一遍又一遍地听同一首歌,永远不会感到无聊。

otherwise 的用法


Be here at 8 o’clock; otherwise you will miss your turn. 8点到这里;否则你会错过你的机会。

regarding … / as regards … / as far as … in concerned的用法

= About.用来引用对话的主题

Regarding/As regards the new player, we’ll have to decide if or when to sell him. 关于/关于新球员,我们必须决定是否或何时出售他。
As far as the new player is concerned, …就新玩家而言,…

on the other hand 的用法


She wants to attend her friend’s birthday party and eat a lot of food. But on the other hand, she needs to lose weight for the upcoming school event. 她想参加她朋友的生日聚会并吃很多食物。但另一方面,她需要为即将到来的学校活动减肥。

前面可以加上on the one hand:

On the one hand, she wants to attend her friend’s birthday party and eat a lot of food. But on the other hand, she needs to lose weight for the upcoming school event. 一方面,她想参加她朋友的生日聚会并吃很多食物。但另一方面,她需要为即将到来的学校活动减肥。

whereas 的用法


The north is cold whereas the south is very hot. 北方很冷,而南方很热。
Whereas people used to aspire to have a big house, kids, dog etc., nowadays preferences are tending more towards apartments. 过去人们渴望拥有大房子、孩子、狗等,而现在人们更喜欢公寓。

英文中的说话标示语 – 练习题

1. I have all of their music albums, and , I have seen them live five times.

2. The morning teachers treat all students with care, the afternoon teachers treat them badly.

3. , our objective is improve productivity and product quality at the same time.

4. , we could say that the charity dinner was a success.

5. We need to finish this project before the deadline; , we will not have a passing grade.

6. A: Did you see the latest pair of shoes?
B: Yes, , I'm wearing a pair right now.

7. the news about the pandemic, I have noticed that the number of positive cases has decreased.

8. Well done, the practice went well today. , who will be absent tomorrow?

9. , the most experienced candidate will be chosen for this job.

10. I will support my parents in their business, , they supported me in my studies.




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