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go + 动词 ing 的用法

go + 动词 ing 可以形容做各种运动或是其他活动,像是 shopping,dancing 和 Clubbing 等

I want to go dancing tonight. 我今晚想去跳舞。
We go hiking on weekends. 我们周末去爬山。

go to 的用法

搭配 work/bed 的用法

在表达 go to work 或 go to bed 时不需要加上the。

how often do you go to work? 你多久去上班一次?
He is going to bed. 他要去睡觉了。

搭配 school/university 的用法

当我们使用 go to school 或 go to university 没有加上 the,代表我们是以学生的身分到这些地方。

Almost every student goes to school today. 几乎全部的学生今天都去上学。    

搭配 prison的用法

当我们说 go to prison,代表某人是以囚犯的身分被带到监狱。

He will go to prison tomorrow 他明天就会被关到监狱。

go to a/the 的用法

a/the 加上名词可以用来描述一个地方或活动。我们可以用 go to + the + 地方名词来表示我们在城市中经常去的地方。

He will go to the store. 他要去那间商店。
I need to go to the toilet. 我需要去厕所。

go for a 的用法

用 go for a + 名词来描述活动,像是 a swim, a run, a walk, a ride, a drink

The weather is nice today. I’m going for a run. 今天天气很好,我要去跑步。
I bought a new bike, let’s go for a ride this weekend. 我买了一辆新脚踏车,我们周末去骑车吧。

go on a 的用法

Go on a + 名词表示与假期、旅行相关,像是 holiday, trip, journey, excursion, tour, cruise 等。

She went on a holiday with his family. 她跟她的家人一起去度假。
Let’s go on a trip together. 我们一起去旅行吧。

go – 练习题

1. He wants to go on the beach.

2. I usually go on weekends with my friend.

3. Are you ready to go trip?

4. Every summer we go with my family.

5. Are you sure you want to go tomorrow?

6. The employees in the company always go after work.

7. My friends plan to go this Sunday.

8. When do you usually home?

9. I go once a week with my colleagues.

10. You should go bed when you are tired.




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