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much/many 的用法

much/many 常用在否定句和疑问句。在复数可数名词之前要用 many,不可数名词之前要用 much。通常不会在肯定句中使用 much 和 many。

I haven’t got much water to drink. 我没有多少水可以喝。
Are there many students attending the program? 参加这个项目的学生多吗?

how much/how many 的用法

在询问数量时,how many 加复数名词,how much 加不可数名词。

How many apples do you have in the basket? 你篮子里有几个苹果?
How much milk do you drink in a day? 你一天喝多少牛奶?

在询问物品的价钱时也可以说 How much is it?

‘How much is it?’ ‘It’s 25USD.’ “多少钱?” “25 美元。”
‘How much are the trousers?’ ‘They’re 76 pounds.’ “这条裤子多少钱?” “76 磅。”

a lot(of)的用法


在表达数量很多时,可以将 a lot of 放在复数可数名词和不可数名词之前。 a lot of 通常会用在肯定句中。

He spends a lot of money gambling. 他花了很多钱赌博。
She bought lots of apples in the store. 她在店里买了很多苹果。

再说明中等数量时可以用 quite a lot of。

He gave me quite a lot of information about the case. 他给了我相当多的关于这个案子的信息。

a lot of 也可能用在否定句和疑问句中。

Haven’t you sold a lot of fruits? 你不是卖了很多水果吗?
I don’t have a lot of options. 我没有很多选择。

在名词之前要加 of;在句尾不用加 of

若使用在名词之前,a lot 要加上 of。但若是在句尾或是简短答案则用 a lot 即可。

I like her a lot. 我很喜欢她。
‘How much milk did you have?’ ‘A lot.’  “你喝了多少牛奶?” “很多。”
‘Are there good singers at your club?’ ‘Yes, there’s a lot.’ “你们俱乐部有好歌手吗?”“是的,有很多。”

a few/a little 的用法

 a few 用于可数,a little 用于不可数

在肯定句,否定句和疑问句中表达小数量时,在复数可数名词之前用 a few,不可数名词之前用 a little。

She has a few friends in her new school. 她在新学校有几个朋友。
I usually have a little food during lunch. 我通常在午餐时吃一点东西。

not many, not much 的用法

我们也可以用 not many + 复数可数名词或是 not much + 不可数名词。意思与 a few/a little 相近。

I don’t have to study many lessons before the test. 我不必在考试前学习很多课程。
She doesn’t drink much water every day. 她每天喝的水不多。

no/not…any/none 的用法

在表达数量为零时,可以用 no + 名词或 not any + 名词。两者意思相同。

She has no patience with her classmates. 她对同学没有耐心。
I don’t have any money left. 我没有钱了。

在简短答案中用 none。

‘How many questions do you have?’ ‘None.’ “你有多少问题?” “没有。”

much, many, a lot of, a little, a few – 练习题

1. I'll be at school in minutes.

2. There's place like home. I want to stay here!

3. She doesn't have goals in life.

4. How many devices do you have?' '.'

5. I have cars. You can borrow one.

6. If you want your body to be strong, you have to eat .

7. There aren't kids in this town.

8. milk do you drink in a day?

9. There are accidents happening today.

10. She needs money for school.





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