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We think he will win the election.
We thought he would win the election.
am/is/are going to
We’re going to have a drink to celebrate my birthday this evening.
was/were going to
We were going to have a drink after work, but the boss made us stay.
We are getting married soon, and I’d like you to be my maid of honour.
She was getting married soon and she wanted me to be her maid of honour.
Will you be going home this summer?
Would be + 动词-ing
She told her mother that she wouldn’t be going home that summer.
He says he will have finished the book in two weeks.
Would have + 过去分词
When I found him, he said he would have finished the book in two weeks.


am/is/are about to + 不定式
The new app for electronic payment is about to be launched.
was/were about to + 不定式
I was about to confess what I had done, but she told me not to do it.
am/is/are on the brink/point/verge of + 动词-ing
Artificial Intelligence is on the verge of revolutionizing the world.
was/were on the brink/point/verge of + 动词-ing
I was on the verge of saying something, but I decided to keep quiet.
am/is/are to + 不定式
The president is to sign the agreement before he leaves office.
was/were to + 不定式
The victim, Eric Watts, 24, was to arrive home for his wedding on April 19.
am/is/are due to + 不定式
They are due to leave the country next week when their visas expire.
was/were due to + 不定式
He was due to leave the country on Saturday, but the judge didn’t allow it.

过去将来时 – 练习题

1. They asked me if I them with their problems, but I don't have time for it.

2. She to jail, but the last trial was a success to let her go.

3. Last week she was very busy because she to move to her new apartment.

4. I asked my family not to bother me that evening because I for my national exam all night.

5. I a new laptop, but my mother gave me her computer and decided not to buy it anymore.

6. I went to the crime scene and saw the criminal had a gun, he the police officer.

7. She thought you the interview.

8. He forgot the keys on the table before they for a business trip.

9. Before she arrived at the airport, she you to fetch her.

10. She promised she an end to the situation, but failed to do so.




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