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bound/sure 的用法

 形容词 bound 和 sure 可以表达我们很确定某件事将会在未来发生。我们用 be bound/sure + to + 不定式。

Jessica is bound/sure to graduate this year. 杰西卡今年一定/肯定会毕业。
The movie is bound/sure to be a mega-hit and popular. 这部电影注定/肯定会大受欢迎。

也可以用 there is/are bound/sure to be 表达我们很确定某件事会存在于未来。

There are bound/sure to be some accidents that will happen in the game, so be careful. 游戏中必然/肯定会发生一些意外,所以要小心。

likely/unlikely 的用法

likely 和 unlikely 为形容词。 something is likely to happen 或 it’s likely that something will happen 意思是某件事很可能会发生或是被预期会发生。

如果说 something is unlikely to happen 或 it’s unlikely that something will happen 意思是某件事有可能不会发生。


1. It is likely/unlikely that + 从句(主语+ 动词…)

It’s likely that in a few months we will have our separate ways after graduation. 很可能再过几个月,毕业后我们就会分道扬镳。
It’s unlikely that the teachers will feel sad about the new school year. 老师们不太可能对新学年感到难过。


2. 主语 + be likely/unlikely + to + 不定式

She is likely to pass the exam. 她很有可能通过考试。
We are unlikely to understand each other. 我们不太可能互相理解。

因为 likely 和 unlikely 为形容词,所以可以有比较级或最高级的形式,或放在 quite 和 very 的后面。

Noisy students are more likely to cooperate during group work. 吵闹的学生在小组工作中更有可能合作
They are the most likely to join the International competition. 他们最有可能参加国际比赛。
It’s very unlikely that she’ll cheat on a test. 她不太可能在考试中作弊。

definitely/probably 的用法

在肯定句中可以把 definitely 和 probably 放在主动词之前和助动词(如果有)之后。

You’ll definitely get what you want if you work hard for it. 如果你努力工作,你一定会得到你想要的。
She’s probably the top student in her class. 她可能是班上最好的学生。

在否定句中 definitely 和 probably 要放在助动词之前。

They probably won’t attend the class tomorrow. 他们明天可能不会去上课了。
He definitely isn’t working overtime today. 他今天肯定没有加班。

但如果不用缩写的话 definitely 和 probably 要放在助动词后面 not 前面。

They will probably not attend the class tomorrow. 他们明天可能不会去上课了。
He is definitely not working overtime today. 他今天绝对没有加班。

likely, unlikely, bound, definitely, probably – 练习题

1. They are the best group dancers in schools. I believe they to compete internationally.

2. If you don't share what you're feeling inside, your parents understand you.

3. In this place, to find a taxi going home.

4. In this place, it's to find a taxi going home.

5. She be one of the top students in our school.

6. The weekend concert be the most enjoyable event in town.

7. decrease again because of the pandemic.

8. to decrease again because of the pandemic.

9. The new release of the iPhone is become the trend this year.

10. Some students attend the after-school meeting.




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