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最常用的方式,我们可以用 sunstroke 或者 heatstroke。 stroke 有中风,击打的意思。被 sun 太阳或 heat 热击打,当然就中暑了。

It’s so hot today, I’m going to get sunstroke if I go out. 今天天气很热,如果我出去的话,我会中暑的。
I was outside all day and I got sunstroke. 我整天都在外面,中暑了。
I think I get heatstroke. I’ve been feeling dizzy and nauseous all day. 我觉得我中暑了。我整天都感到头晕和恶心。

此外,还可以用 heat exhaustion 来描述中暑。 exhaustion 表示一种非常累的状态,精疲力尽。

She’s been sweating profusely and her face is flushed. It looks like she might have heat exhaustion. 她大量出汗,脸色发红。看起来她可能患有中暑。




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