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There 的用法

我们用 there 来表达某件事发生的时间和位置。

There are cakes on the table. 桌上有蛋糕。
There is a school program next Monday. 下周一有一个学校课程。

我们用 there 来表达某件事存在或是正在发生。

There is a problem.  有一个问题。
There was an accident. 发生了一起事故。

要注意的是在我们第一次提及某事时用 there,但是当再一次提及同件事时,要用 it 或 they。

There are some clothes on the bed. They are clean. 床上有一些衣服。它们是干净的。
There was a huge fire in the building. It was so scary. 大楼里发生了一场大火。太可怕了。

it 的用法

在对话中再一次提到某件事时要用 it。

There is a new game on the market. It will be good. 市场上有一款新游戏。会很好的。
I saw a mouse in my room. It was very big. 我在房间里看见一只老鼠。它非常大。

it 可以表达时间和日期。

It‘s my dad’s birthday today. 今天是我爸爸的生日。
Let’s go home. It‘s very late. 我们回家吧。很晚了。
It‘s 6 o’clock. 现在是六点钟。

it 可以表达气候。

It‘s very windy. 风很大。
It‘s a nice day. 今天天气不错。
It rained a lot yesterday. 昨天下了很多雨。
It‘s 10 degrees. 10度。

it 可以表达距离。

How far is it? 有多远?
It‘s not very far. 不远。
It‘s a long way to the nearest petrol station.  离最近的加油站很远。
It‘s 2 kilometers from the hotel to the station.  从旅馆到车站有2公里。
(要注意的是在否定句和疑问句中要用far,而在肯定句中要用a long way。)

it’s + 形容词 + to + 不定词。

It’s good to be back here. 回到这里真好。
It was difficult to find the restaurant. 很难找到那家餐馆。


I think the worst part of the exam it’s writing.(X)
I think the worst part of the exam is writing.() 我认为考试最糟糕的部分是写作。

当动词的主语在句子中,则不能用 it,上面的句子中,is 的主语为 ‘the worst part of the exam’。

I love the song. Is amazing!(X)
I love the song. It’s amazing!() 我喜欢这首歌。太棒了!

当在对话中再一次提及同件事时,别忘记要用 it。

There 和 it – 练习题

1. was an earthquake when we were in school. We went home immediately.

2. The program has already ended. 's getting late, and I'm hungry.

3. aren't any audiences left in the auditorium. They might have already gone home.

4. She found an interesting board game. 's very cool.

5. is very hot today. I need to turn on the aircon.

6. is a new neighbor who moved into our street.

7. There's a sunset near the beach. is fascinating.

8. They are with their boss. is an emergency meeting.

9. is safer to walk during day time.

10. I opened the door and was a strange man behind it.




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