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be about to, be on the brink/verge/point of 的用法

be about to

be about to + 不定詞,表示某件事將會在不久的將來發生。

The teacher is about to score our test papers. 老师要给我们的试卷打分。
Some TV games are about to disappear from the market. 一些电视游戏即将从市场上消失。

be on the brink/verge/point of

我們可以用 be on the brink of, be on the verge of 或 be on the point of,來表示某件事將很快就會發生。

The current President is on the brink of impeachment. 现任总统处于弹劾边缘。
Two developing countries are on the brink of war after the people’s attacks. 受人民袭击后,两个发展中国家处于战争边缘。
When I saw my grades, I was on the verge of tears. 当我看到自己的成绩时,我快要掉眼泪了。
My score is on the point of passing the national exam. 我的分数快要到国家考试及格線了。

be due to 的用法

be due to + 不定詞,可以表達某件計劃或預期會發生的事。

The document is due to arrive tomorrow morning at the Post office. 文件定于明天早上送到邮局。
Greece is due to repay around £6 billion to its creditors next year. 希腊将于明年向债权人偿还约 10 亿英镑。

be to 的用法

be to + 不定詞,可以用在不同情況。

1. 正式安排

 Be to + 不定詞,通常會用在新聞報導來表達正式安排和計劃或預期會發生的事件。意思像是 “ it is expected”

Prince William is to visit Paris for the first time since his mother died.  威廉王子將在母親去世後首次訪問巴黎。
Six care homes for the elderly are to close by the end of April. 六家養老院將於四月底關閉。

2. 正式指導和命令

也可以用 be to + 不定詞,來表達正式指導和命令。但用於否定形式,則表達禁止。

All employees are to attend a health and safety orientation at the end of the week.  所有員工都將在周末參加健康和安全培訓。
You are not to leave this room until agree. 在我同意之前你不能離開這個房間。

3. 用於 if 子句

在 if 子句通常會用 be to + 不定詞。在這些例子中,(在主要子句中)表達要完成某件事,才能(在 if 子句中)達到期望的結果 。

We need to be open to everybody’s opinion if we are to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past.  如果我們要避免重複過去的錯誤,我們需要對每個人的意見持開放態度。
If he is to succeed, he will need to learn to represent the interests of all Americans.  如果他要成功,他將需要學會代表所有美國人的利益。

Be bound to, be likely to (可能性)的用法

be bound to

可以用 be bound to +不定詞,來表達某件事非常肯定或非常可能發生。

They are bound to like him. He is such a sweet guy.  他們一定會喜歡他的。 他真是個可愛的傢伙。
His new film is bound to win the heart of every romantic out there.  他的新電影一定會贏得所有浪漫主義者的心。

be likely to

be likely to + 不定詞,表達某件事可能會發生。也可以用 It + be likely that + 子句。

The government is likely to pass new regulations very soon.  政府很可能很快就會通過新法規。
It’s likely that the company will have to pay for the damages. 很可能該公司將不得不支付損害賠償金。

Be unlikely + 不定詞,表達某件事很可能不會發生。也可以用It + be likely that + 子句。

They are unlikely to find who did the crime. 他們不太可能找到犯罪者。
It’s unlikely that he is the best player on the team. 他不太可能成為球隊中最好的球員。

表達未來的其他方式 – 練習題

1. The US president Japan on July 10th.

2. A notable singer to compete internationally on Sunday evening.

3. The airplane's pilot is to land on a deserted island when the engine breaks down.

4. Teachers professionally to become role models for the students.

5. Both of the best international swimmers compete with each other next month.

6. They to refuse the work until they pay the remaining debt.

7. When I went to the mountain's edge, I was falling.

8. According to commentators she is because she is much faster than her rivals.

9. The delegation to arrive on Saturday.

10. The children played outside when they were forgetting it was almost nighttime.




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